Wednesday, May 6, 2009


yay!!! i am done with my trial...finally...a load that was so heavy on my shoulder i can put it down...time to relax...for only today!!!as real exams coming up on the 20th of May...haiz..

hmm...actually got plenty of pic wanna put up hr but i was too now let me put up a few pic first...=)

the induction nite---->it was held on May 24th n it was held at the pool side in my skul..hmph..till now i den update..anyway..we had fun tt nite..every group did different kind of group had performed a dance called 'jaiho' from the 'Slumdog Millionaire'..we had learnt it in a short time n we manage to finish it..we did it vy well!! group members are tad jiunn, azril, izzudean, shihyu,ye ru, nadhirah, farah, and me!!!
*my group of frenz tt we always hang out most of the time*

*the four of us tt always stick together(tts wd everyone said..haha)*

^tts all!!!lazy to post the other pics..haha..

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