Sunday, May 10, 2009

happpie mother's day...

i took a mini exeat dis weekend..n followed my vy good fren--xin yi to her 'relative' house with her parents..n now i am back to the school..

her parents welcoming me warmly to stay with them for 2 nites..they sent us back to our college 2.00 pm today..n i am back here again!!hate dis feeling..the moment i got a stayed outside i dun wan to come back anymore..jz dunno y..mayb i escaped anything??or..??anyway, i dun reli noe wad is the real ans behind it..

before my fren parents left i gave her mum a good is it if i can give a hug to my mum on this special day..i knew it is she is so far away from that instant, tears welled in my eyes..i hold my tears strongly but...lastly it ran down usually on this special day, i used to celebrate with my family for the past few yrs..n this is my first yr i did not celebrate with her..sso..i think is normal for me to feel uncomfortable..

hmph...anyway...on this special day..i would like to wish her..


i hearts u...*hugz*

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