Friday, May 1, 2009

is the 5th month of 2009

i reli dunno use wad words to describe the is edi MAY the 1st!!!!!y??i jz wanna noe y??y time flies so fast????jz too fast!!!!!!i wonder...i cant believe it!!!!

i jz finish my spm during last dec..n not even half a yr n now i am goin to sit for mybig exam which has to determine my future jz dun go on without monday goin to hav my trials n after next next week goin to sit for my exams...dunno how it goes...

awww...C3 C3C3...M1 M1 M1...these 2 modules reli make me suffer a lot...jz gotta move on n do more ques!!!!hope i can strive for the best!!!!

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