Saturday, September 18, 2010


visa ticked!
accommodation ticked!
these 2 things that I worry the most finally I have get over it!!!

I can FLY now!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


am no longer a little girl anymore,
i'm nineteen.

this is the reality....
every step and every decision that is make,
is one step to the real world.

Monday, August 16, 2010

WAS the first day...

yesterday was KTJ first day of new term! This makes me so wanna go back to KTJ >.< i just miss KTJ every single bits and pieces...I still remember vividly in my mind how was my first day of a new term in KTJ!!! 
still remember that i am always 1 of the early birds reaching KTJ as i had to fly across a deep blue sea =S but slowly more and more people arrived and the house getting merrier and merrier =) and we always hug each other when we met each other, it was like we have not seen each other for ages...haha! and once lee hui, xin yi and yong arrived, we always bump into each other room yelling at each other and our girls' talk begun..updating each other...ha!!!!how fun would it be!! And i could not forget that how nice were they, because they always come back with delicious food so we always don't go for dinner on that particular day!and we usually ate till our stomach blotted =.= and down to the pantry at that night i always see farah, nini, raya and ashley giggling while eating at the the way, i miss mi sedap a lot!!!!and can't forget that i always meet the king during social hour cause it seems like being ages we have not met each other for each term break...haha!!and honestly, i always feel so excited when it comes to first day of school..haha!!i know this sounds was because i could see all my friends in my physics, chemistry and double math class...and i could non-stop disturbing and annoying them!! i just miss those time...

I miss my first day of the term in KTJ...and if can i want to go back now!!!=)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

keep on believing...

results were out 2 days ago....i could not get what i want. so, of course i could not deny that i felt so upset!!!am still waiting for the result for my 2 math paper...this time i really hope that i can make it...i really really hoping for it...but, anyway i know that upset will bring me no where...everyone told me that i will be okay. people who care about me out there don't need to worry bout me so much...i am fine=) thank you so much to my friends who had comforted me that day especially yong and ''the king'', i will not feel better without you guys..Now, i would like to believe in miracles that will happen to me, believe in God and have faith in Him. So, i am no longer upset now cause i cant change the fact out there...

Mr Lai had forwarded and email to me yesterday morning....and now it is in my favourite verse list..
''Fear not for I am with you, do not be sad for I am your God.
I will strengthen you, I help you, I will raise you up with my power hand''
Isaiah 41:10

just keep believing....*smile*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the judgement day

the day that i do not want to come most has finally arrive. It just left few hours to go and everything will be future. Have a mix feeling right now as i really care how is the outcome will be. I know i did not do well but i have not prepare myself for the worst situation...

i guess...i have to learn to accept it whatever the outcome is...

bless me =)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 gone..2010 comes...

2009 has now became a history..
and 2009 had welcomed 2010..

thinking bout my 2009, was indeed a great year for me..stay away from home to do my A-level in a boarding regret getting into tt school! plenty of memories...bitter and sweet from the beginning of the term till the last term...the most worthwhile was i met plenty of friends...we had shared our happiness together and went through hard times together...we are indeed like a family=) am very happy that i have my vy vy vy good roommate..HUI i can say!cant forget tht we always camwhore when we r bored, we lay down and talk till we are stupid things in the room...and coming term we gonna get the single room but still consider roommate i guess coz we get to share the same bathroom!!!! and met YONG YONG tooo...we always talk ''heart to heart''..haha..coz we are the eldest in our family so usually we got the same opinion...a vy smart to ''tush'' ppl...haha...hope u get into cambridge!!!n u r the house captain now....i fully support u!!! and...met the other good friend of mine YI YI!!!talking bout us, we cant study under the same roof, coz we will end up talking and be crazy!!cant forget that we laugh whole night long for 2 hours???if i am not mistaken...haha!of coz i dont met them only...there are too many of them(elstan, farah, raya, spy, tj, edvin, ho, sammy, yeeyee, yeru etc.) i cant list it out...will do a post in the future=)

hmph...indeed, i miss 2009...seriously!!! from the beginning once we were strangers and now become buddies...cant forget the moments during prom night, obs, the melaka trip...and moreee!!! and.. in the late year...have giving someone sweet dream every night i guess=P

gonna be a year that is going to be full of challenges,
extremely important exams are coming up which are going to determine the future...
hope everyone can get what they want!
and....hope the bonds between u and me wont break!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


yesterday was quite a hectic day for a msg from shirley early morning, she ask me to meet her in parkson bout 5...but i reached the it was already 6.30 =.= not bcz i wan to be late kay???
here the story goes..

i was dragged by my sis to go for a swim bout 4 o my dad send me my sis n my lil bro for a i had to tell shirley tt i am goin to join them late..haih...but anyway is okay...ccz it was such a long time i did not go for a swim=) so we swam bout 1 hr n we got back..right after i reached home i showered!!!!!

actually,once i finished shower my dad could send me to meet up with my frenz..but who noes????i was suffered from gastric!!my goodness..i couldn't walk!!!the pain had tortured me bout 30 mins den the pain gone!!!it was the worst ever!!!so...tts y i meet up my frenz late, haiz..but luckily the pain din get back to me.. last nite i managed to meet up with sushi, yan, chai, marvin, melvin and SHIREY(finally!!)!! we had our dinner at 1 of the coffee shop..after tt we went back to parkson...we brought shirley to buy her slippers...haha..den after tt we walked around parkson...

we were so half way..marvin decided to do some lame stuff!he asked everyone of us to simply grabbed one formal dress and get into the fitting room and changed....then CAMWHORE!!!hahaha...but melvin n chai went off...dunno whr they go... after tt ''session'' was over..i went back..otherwise i dun hav transport to go back...n last nite i reached home bout 12am =.= BCZ, my mum brought me n her fren for a drink...duh...and they talked for so long... tired!!!!!!