Monday, April 20, 2009

fish fish!!!

^the fishy n the hamster^

fish fish...u're 18!!!happy birthday my dear fish fish!!!hmph...cant celebrate ur 18 birthday with u...hope u hav an unforgettable birthday ya...hmmm...dis gurl used to call her zhi shang di ler...miss those time...reemember??hee...n noe wad tt day steambot???i realize tt u spread d disease to me loo...dunno y i become so lag..hee..k la...lastly wish u..

may ur wish come true~
stay pretty~
dun bcome so lag le...~
n...dun spread d 'laginess' to me o~
take care in adelaide!



  1. FISHY! happie blah-day!!!

    how old is she now? 18 or 19? omigosh so young!

  2. i am 18!'s considered old for me..hahahhaa.

    ameliaaaa! so nice ah da pic photoshopped by u? haha.. thanksss! and i will assure u no more zhi shang di hahahah

  3. my dear fish...hope u dun hav ur zhi shang di too k??hehe....i edit it but not using photoshop jz a simple thing...hehe...hope u like it!!!


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