Friday, May 15, 2009

life is about exam???

life is jz about exams??? is friday edi...n next wed is my exam!!!!time flies so fast...i juz realize tt i reli dun hav enuf time to study i jz finish my physic test, tmr i am goin to have my core math test, n mon goin to hav my chemistry test...i noe is jz a test n it is not so important but i stil hav to study for it as i dun wish tt i ll flung in flying colours..n WED!!is the exam...n den next fri exam...i jz past my dis 2 weeks with examinations..haiz..reli hope tt i can dis well as i dun wan to resit!!!!!!

how i wish i stil hav a few extra hours...jz makes a difference too...i noe is now..every minutes count...


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