Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 gone..2010 comes...

2009 has now became a history..
and 2009 had welcomed 2010..

thinking bout my 2009, was indeed a great year for me..stay away from home to do my A-level in a boarding regret getting into tt school! plenty of memories...bitter and sweet from the beginning of the term till the last term...the most worthwhile was i met plenty of friends...we had shared our happiness together and went through hard times together...we are indeed like a family=) am very happy that i have my vy vy vy good roommate..HUI i can say!cant forget tht we always camwhore when we r bored, we lay down and talk till we are stupid things in the room...and coming term we gonna get the single room but still consider roommate i guess coz we get to share the same bathroom!!!! and met YONG YONG tooo...we always talk ''heart to heart''..haha..coz we are the eldest in our family so usually we got the same opinion...a vy smart to ''tush'' ppl...haha...hope u get into cambridge!!!n u r the house captain now....i fully support u!!! and...met the other good friend of mine YI YI!!!talking bout us, we cant study under the same roof, coz we will end up talking and be crazy!!cant forget that we laugh whole night long for 2 hours???if i am not mistaken...haha!of coz i dont met them only...there are too many of them(elstan, farah, raya, spy, tj, edvin, ho, sammy, yeeyee, yeru etc.) i cant list it out...will do a post in the future=)

hmph...indeed, i miss 2009...seriously!!! from the beginning once we were strangers and now become buddies...cant forget the moments during prom night, obs, the melaka trip...and moreee!!! and.. in the late year...have giving someone sweet dream every night i guess=P

gonna be a year that is going to be full of challenges,
extremely important exams are coming up which are going to determine the future...
hope everyone can get what they want!
and....hope the bonds between u and me wont break!!!


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