Sunday, December 6, 2009


yesterday was quite a hectic day for a msg from shirley early morning, she ask me to meet her in parkson bout 5...but i reached the it was already 6.30 =.= not bcz i wan to be late kay???
here the story goes..

i was dragged by my sis to go for a swim bout 4 o my dad send me my sis n my lil bro for a i had to tell shirley tt i am goin to join them late..haih...but anyway is okay...ccz it was such a long time i did not go for a swim=) so we swam bout 1 hr n we got back..right after i reached home i showered!!!!!

actually,once i finished shower my dad could send me to meet up with my frenz..but who noes????i was suffered from gastric!!my goodness..i couldn't walk!!!the pain had tortured me bout 30 mins den the pain gone!!!it was the worst ever!!!so...tts y i meet up my frenz late, haiz..but luckily the pain din get back to me.. last nite i managed to meet up with sushi, yan, chai, marvin, melvin and SHIREY(finally!!)!! we had our dinner at 1 of the coffee shop..after tt we went back to parkson...we brought shirley to buy her slippers...haha..den after tt we walked around parkson...

we were so half way..marvin decided to do some lame stuff!he asked everyone of us to simply grabbed one formal dress and get into the fitting room and changed....then CAMWHORE!!!hahaha...but melvin n chai went off...dunno whr they go... after tt ''session'' was over..i went back..otherwise i dun hav transport to go back...n last nite i reached home bout 12am =.= BCZ, my mum brought me n her fren for a drink...duh...and they talked for so long... tired!!!!!!


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