Tuesday, February 3, 2009

happy moo moo year...

dis was done by whye chyuan durin cny!!!

HAPPY MOO MOO YEAR!!hmmm...he ask me to uplaod dis pic on my blog so...大哥, i had upload dis edi!!happy??honestly is nice la..no cheating...UR IDEA??couldn't b ei..hee..

hmph..now...i am back in KTJ!!is stil my cny but i dun get it to celebrate it coz i am edi start my lessons n everything since yesterday...so i stop visiting!!!

after d hols end..i keep telling myself...
1)not to doze off or slept in class
2)finish my hw on time...
3)study hard!!!

my 3 big resolutions after new yr!!haha...yesterday, i managed to not to slep in class..so it was successful!!b4 cny holz my frenz kept saying me i kept sleping so now...i am goin to stop dis ''good'' habit...so tts wad makes me not to doze off in class anymore...

hope i ll fulfill=)

more pic ll uploaded...wait patiently plz^^


  1. I believe you know me d......
    bt how abt u...
    from Miri...
    how is ur cny celeberation

  2. Haha, nice new year resolutions! Keep it up sis!
    Jia you~~

  3. khaw--yaya...i noe u...y??how u noe i am from miri o??my cny celbration was...okie lo..

    ssp---hey bro!!hope i can keep it up!!haha..

  4. of cos I know la
    usually when u online?


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