Saturday, January 24, 2009

yesterday...we juz finish our house interhouse cross country thingy..whoo...first time i ran dis kind of things which was i had to run about 4.7 km..haha...i get 38!!!which is call 'san ba' in chinese..haha..frenz were laughing...hee..although is not quite good but still it was my first time...hmph...after new yr we ll all den noe wad we get...ll we b d champion???i vy hope so coz i wan to go to sunway lagoon!!!I BLIEVE WE CAN!!!!

n d run make me so tired muscles r in pain now...ANYWAY.. 24th can get to go back to miri tonite edi..haha..but i think i am d last one to go back among my frenz..haiz...if can i so wan to go bak earlier den them..hehe!!


  1. hello
    plz la
    juz want to be friend la
    can I know ur msn.......

  2. Walao, orang gila from sibu, what kind of word are you using????

  3. KHAW--my msn frinedster n facebook r d same

  4. Luccar---wad mean wad kind of word i used???i dun understand...hee..


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