Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a whole new thing..

hey hey!!! now i am in my skul computer lab..waiting for my double math lessons...at 11.40..hah..so drop by here..d very first post i post it up in dis college..haha..juz finish my first 2 physics lesson...was not bad..still looking forward to it..

hmmm...today is my 2nd day at skul..at d moment everything is fine...so u all do not need have to worry..hee...

ermm...i tihink tts all...juz feel happie now at last i can on9..hee..

dun miss me too muc!!!


  1. hi sweetie, where are u now? i saw rueyshian's blog saying that she's gonna miss u... u not in miri anymore? where are u studying now?

  2. hey...wan wan!!!!

    i now in kl o..study at kolej tuanku jaafar...i will stil go back to miri la...haha..how bout u??stil in kl now??when u go back to miri during cny?


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