Saturday, July 7, 2007


long time din update blog lo...but today can on9 so i come here update lo..hai..tml is a big day to me n all the pbsm members n ajk-----Annual Parade!!huh...still left few hours to reach tml...dunno how i feel now...angry??disappointed???sad??actually i am very 烦..not only u gary...but most of us!!i noe u r more pressure den us...but wad to do??we cant change oredi as dis is the last tml we, everyone muz try our very best...tonite dun think so muc everyone!!take care...haiz...reli stres dis week...i juz feel tat the standard is not good enuf...reli worry about it!!!i noe..if the results tml is bad...shu ling n irene muz be disappointed!!!but wad to do??is meaningless to think now i here i would like to apologize to u 2 first especially shu ling...u muz be angry if u see our marching dis days....

anyway, tml we ll try our best marching!!!我相信我们一定可以的!!

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