Thursday, June 21, 2007


dis few days i reli feel so so i think i can say extreme miserable!!i suddenly can feel the 'huge'!!!i feel that i feel so fan seems tat i still have lots of things not yet done n need to be done by dis weeks....huh....i even cannot went to sleep dis days...i wondered...wad make me feel so miserable....

dis morning, when into 4A...all the faces were so black n even wif sore eyes!!the qi fen is so different den before...i feel quite bad too dis morning!!because they said they wanted to quit as a prefect...n dis is the big news to me!!!everyone were very ok yesterday but suddenly to day bcome like diss....WHY!!!???i reli hope tat they ll not quit i hope tat they can give themselves a just only probation!!!i believe tat it ll be muc more better after the probation..just 6 weeks!!!take it as a challenge!!i noe it is vy pressure to us tho ur studies r quite well my fren...

but...i noe tat i ll not quit so easily 因为我知道,我不怕选择,只怕后悔!!朋友,对自己有信心把!!bou ren 不应该这样就放弃。。。这只是我的意见。。。。


  1. hey..i agree at what u said..nvr giv up easily..i also try to tell them that they shouldnt jz giv up lik that...jia you..

  2. hamster hamster!! yeah. never giv up easily. once u give up, u wil miss out lotsa things.. u may confront with a lot of different challenges in the future so make urself stronger. jia you ya!! keep me update thru ur blog =)


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