Tuesday, May 1, 2007

tml start heading to sibu!!!

hmmm....dis week juz go 2 skul 1 day...and goin to start miss all my frens here lo...coz i goin 2 sibu tml...and is 7.00 have to reach st.co!!oh gosh, dis few days i cant even have a proper sleep hope i can sleep till late late...but as it was the other way round!!wake up so early dis few days and went for tennis in the morning!!make me doze of in the morning!!n in the afternoon tennis again!!!i had to prepare 4 my competitions in sibu!!sometimes juz think tat izzit worth??i juz feel tat i dun even have the gut to win them...and friends i noe is impossible tat i could win!!dis trip i ll juz take an experience and fun!!so u all dun expecet win from me..haha!!besides..i have not beed study 4 dis few days and the sememster test is coming up after 1 week when i come back!!kinda scared...i juz reli hope tat dis time i can do well!!hmmm....but anyway i will try my best!!!and everyone i wanna to tell u all tat i am coming back on sunday not saturday!!n those 5 who r goin to have the interunit competiton, gambate!!!u all can do it!!!if i have got any yime i ll reach there in the afternoon...jia you!!!!get back the challenge trophy once again!!!u all can do it...jia you!!!do ur best!!

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