Thursday, May 24, 2007

终于渡过了这一天。。。!!finally goin to finsh...dis morning having add math like like...i dun even how to do...kinda dissapointed...and again regret!!but i dun bothyer muc now since i had it over alaready!!i noe dis test is reli very bad to me...i think i will goin to be the worst test n result in my whole life...
now almost get to june...half of the year have gone...reli fast!!but dunno whether is meaningful or not...but i never regret...just regret for din listen in class...reli!!
now...still left one more day to freedom...i can say still have 1 hour of test...after tml my nightmare has finally over!!but...honestly i reli hope tat i can do some useful things during the holiday..i hope i can catch up in my studies...i dun wan to repeat the same mistake again!!i just hope tat i got the heart study in dis holiday!!i noe my fren muz be say dis is impossible!!!coz i am not the type..haha...but just wait n see!!


  1. now tat u've said almost passed half of the year, i cai realised dao.. time flies too fasssst... fish la.. i still wanna stay in f4.. hate f5 life..

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