Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i got the KORBU spirite deep in my heart...

KORBU consists of wei jie, rhu zen, choi, ben, azril, raja, nawas, khairil, sya, ishamam, zoe, fiza, sarah n me!!!n our instructor MJ n Marani..

let's start!!the first day in OBS, i remembered everyone jz do not noe each other as some of them were sitting in we were divided into groups i still remember how was i like on tt vy 1st nite we reach thr..i was like 'how am i gonna to survived in dis 10 days??'cz none of my close frenz were thr..i was damn quiet in the 1st few days..

but luckily!!days past..the bond btweeen everyone of us became stronger n stronger..n i knew everyone of them edi..i began to noe how to joke around n talk
n laugh!!


hmmm...recalling back..we had been thru ups and downs together...we had climbed all of the 3 peaks..which only KORBU did it..(am so proud..haha..)...and thr r so many
many leeches...yucks!and we had went for kayaking...abselling
...rock climbing..n lastly solo camping...(i hope i dun miss any of the activities..hehe...)

the peak 1145!!!i wont forget!!!

finally we reached the campsite before dark!!!we r so tired after the 1145m~

and...this me!!!!solo camping...relil look like a jungle girl><

''i got the KORBU spirit up in my head,
deep in my heart,
up on my knees,
i got hte KORBU spirit all over me,
all over me today ei ei!''

n by the way.. practically every morning b4 we need to gather in front of the flag, some of the KORBU members ll sing the above phrase(this is jz only part of it=)) show korbu spirit??hehe...or to make us awake?? miss those time man...haha..

we finally made it!!!!^^thanx MJ and Marali!!

oh my goodness..skul almost reopen n till now i still miss OBS...n i miss KORBU!!!!love KORBU...ahuuu ahuuu ahuuu!!!!

*sry....long time i din blog lazy..n now duddenly go t mood to post bout here i go!

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