Monday, June 8, 2009

a night for princess!

a yes??a no??
i could said tt i am in a dilemma for a few months..
at first..i said yes..
den all of my closed buddies did not wan to go..
so.. i changed my mind..
my answer..
was a no!!!

after i gave a no answer to everyone n they all questioned me..
y not yes?? a long story..
huh...making a decision whether wan to go or not jz like need to go thru thick n thin..
i am not firm enuf..
i do not know how much the comittee had wasted their saliva..
i said..
if who who who goes i go..
so now..almost my whole gang going..

i said...

this thing had drive me crazy for weeks n the ans at last is stil yes..haha..

so now...everyone talking bout what's the plan for this sat...ha!!
-make up??

i cant wait!!*wink*

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