Friday, June 26, 2009

i'm officially 18!!

On 23rd June, i am officially 18!!!
this yr,
i indeed had a vy special birthday..
coz it was my first yr i did not celebrate in Miri..
this year i had celebrated my birthday in Malacca and KL..haha..
kinda special..

my bestie who is from Malacca,her birthday is 1 day earlier den mine..
so her mum had celebrated our birthday together...hehe..
On20th June,
we went to JONKER WALK,then, tt nite..
when before the clock struck 12,
her mum chase everyone back..and who noes??
auntie had help us celebrated our birthday!!

thanx auntie and uncle=)

thanx to yong, xin yi, hohoho, TJ, Elstan and edvin..
had a great time in malacca too!!!=)

and..on 23rd June..midnite..2/3 of Jawahir girls came into my room with a cute small little cake and sang happie birthday to ya all...

Lastly...i would like to thank everyone who send me birthday wishes, gifts, surprises...
thanx so much..huggies!!

and now..i am really....really...18...

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