Monday, June 1, 2009


actually is prep time now..i shud study now but not here...anyway it lefts 15 min to social hour...hope no one checking on me..hehe...

long time din come n blogging so i am here!!i noe not the right time..hmmm...honestly i am in a dilemma to go or not to go to prom...yeesh...i wan to go bcoz i never been to a prom n if i go 7 of my frenz might end up goin...not to go bcoz i think my trials r after my exam......urgh...shud i tossed a coin??hehe...

anyway..i am now happy coz finally i can hear every single sound n voices from ppl n everything clearly...n pull my ears long to listen to ppl gossip..haha..and do not need to keep say 'har??har??' heee..last saturday went for a second time swimming...whoo...5 yrs i din swim n now tt day it was my 2nd lap time is getting slower n slower n i hav no stamina too now...n the worst thing...d water get into my left ear n i could not listen clearly to wad ppl scared tt i ll turn deaf or infection which my fren n my mum told melike tt...hehe...but luckily my ear jz back to normal...haha...

n last fri i went for my 3rd time tennis session for this term..hehe..n i had played to the fullest..i played for 2 hours n i got tanned!!!anyway..i dun mind...hehe... almost my duty today..gotta ring the bell...n goin to accompany frenz to tuck shop n go n breath the fresh air outside!!!


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  1. i think you should go to prom, but gotta make sure you still can manage your studies =) it'll be fun, not like you'll get to go prom every year


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