Tuesday, May 26, 2009


last weekends were EXEAT again...n i went out!!!

my mum had flew from miri to kl so i met her up last weekend...if not because her cousin wedding i might not seen her till july...stayed at my relative house...it is stil the best being home tho it is not my house..had enjoyed my laz weekend so i ended up did not study at all...hehe...my mum jz flew back yesterday...actually wanted to wait till yesterday den came back to skul...but unfortunately i had to go schooling...haih..so sun i went back..who noes??i tot tt that day my mum ll sent me off...i jz woke up from my afternoon nap n my mum told me that she wont sent me off vack to schoold..so my aunt n uncle sent me back...haih..how sad it was tt moment...gave me a surprise from my nap...hmph...

hmmm..i had went out already few times dis month...jz hoping tt time flies n exams over i can go out again...hehe...

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