Saturday, February 28, 2009


oh..pretty lady,pretty lady walking down d street...oh pretty lady...n her goes d..vy pretty lady!!!!

me n d birthday girl!!d latest photo tt we took...

SOPHIA MAH!!!a vy nice girl n always like to say cold jokes...ture???brilliant in study too!!hee..stil remember tt i always tumpang her car back during d past few yrs...thx a lot ya!!!knew her since form 1 but reli get to noe her since form 2 or form 3 tru pbsm de camp...plenty of memories...

now she is in adelaide now doin her further lazly wish u all d best!!n dun stressed urself so muc ya!!!good luck n may ur wish come true!!!miss u muc girl..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again...n hav a SWEET 18th!!

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