Thursday, September 11, 2008

it pays fot it..

whoosh...dis time receive my result is like rotten egg...worse than dis i think...but honestly it pay for my hardwork...i din reli put muc effort in it...but still anger n depression stil grow inside my heart...haiz...i shud not angry actually coz i hav to 'pay' for it...
thus, i juz learnt a lesson how many percent u put in ur effort in ur study n u ll get tat percent in ur result...
so fair??

1 weeek time test is cumin up agian..i still hangin out where to go...coz of my laziness...haiz...


  1. you say you wrote a funny post le. where got funny? akai you..

    well i believe in this phrase,

    'When you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.'

    this is bloody true! work hard ya sis! when i am telling you this, i am reminding me myelf as well.

    we both, work SMART!

  2. ya...have to...but today i went to skul...the papers i received today...i am stunned!!

  3. i say jia you! Although u usually put in 40-75% effort, take it as your 100% currently. Know yourself! I'm barry, believe? No offense a

  4. Hello Amelia, is this the place to contact u online?


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