Monday, June 2, 2008

tremendously sad...

vy upset...i juz knew tat i got a chance to play in penang, but the officers forgot aobut can??dis yr is my laz yr, i reli do not have any chance to go oredi...y??i reli wanna b a state player is a small wish tat i would reli wan...

now is all over..everything was juz too late...

i would rather loss den juz noeing tat i still got a chance to play...coz it juz makes me upset n angry n disappointed!!


  1. no matter wat,never giv up ok?chances will never ends as long as u keep on trying.jia you o.

  2. ,,..,,..,,..,,..,,..,,..Tuesday, June 03, 2008 1:28:00 AM

    I can feel your feelings...Couldn't say much because.. er, such things happens in life always.. Hate to say that...

  3. ah.. if i were you i would choose not to know that too! how disappointing =(

    cheer up gal! sis is here *wink*

  4. anonymous-who r u o??i noe u??i am tryin not to give up coz dis is reli my laz chance...

    ....-thanx for ur understanding

    clover-of coz remember lo...haha..juz wanna make sure!

    emilio-ya..reli disapppointed..reli hope dun wanna noe..thanx tat u owayz being there for me...

  5. How can they forgot about you? Haiks.. Nvm. Don't be sad/disappointed k? Study hard for SPM. I know you can do it! 加油!!!

  6. mad uh..yalo..spm cumin results so so so...bad..i guess!hope u doin good too..


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