Wednesday, March 12, 2008

especially for u!!!

hey,my dear sis!!!
dis post is especially for u.....

wish u a
happy belated birthday!!!!!!
have a sweet 19:P

from ur sis...hamster!!!


  1. hey! is tis dedicated for me? i hope i din perasan. if not xia soi a.. ahahaha!

  2. emilio-of coz is for u looo...bu ran???how is ur birthday??hu celebrate with u??haha...

    lingdi-wa...u noe how to type chinese ooo..

  3. my birthday? quite a nice one. u read it in my blog d rite? oh ya.. sis i m oledi TWENTY tis yr. haha! unexpectedly i stil look tat young in ur eyes! thanks a lot ya sis! muaks!

    n to lingdi, i assume tat u're wishing me, so thanks a bunch!

    oh gosh.. such a thick-face-lady i am.. haha!

  4. emilio-haha...thank you...actually i noe it vy early lo..wad look ur blog??i remember it clearly de hor...u 20 le har??? old...sorry o...mistaken ur age...haha..i noe y u bcum so thick face le...coz ur wish!!haha...

    welcome u...haha!!

  5. haha! neway stil wanna thank you le.. make me feel so young. 19 only le! *blush* hahaha!


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